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Behind The Scenes Videos

The idea for this project began about 18 years ago when I wrote my first treatment to create a documentary about people who enjoy drumming. On November 9, 2016 I decided it was time to make it happen. It was the day after election day and I needed a creative project that would make a positive difference in the world as we braced ourselves for the new thief-in-chief. I've had a lot of assistance along the way but for the most part, this has been a one man show. I directed, produced, camera, interviewing, sound, lighting, promotion, fund-raising and some of the editing. In hind-sight, this was a ridiculous project to do without an extensive crew of specialists. Luckily, I met an editor and audio post expert named Horace Williams who took over twenty hours of random footage and crafted it with me into a coherent film. It would probably be far more sexy if I had help, but this film has been my music, art and work therapy for the last three years. My #1 goal is that it will make a positive difference and grow the drumming movement so more people will get to experience the joy of rhythm based activities.


These videos are here to give you a little taste of my journey in bringing Rhythms of Life, to life. The Go Fund Me campaign referred to in many of the videos is still active and taking donations. Please visit to see how you can help offset some of the many $$$ I've invested. I am truly grateful to have this opportunity to share my project with you. 

This is the very first video I made with my cell phone, a few days after I decided to make the film. I steadfastly have stuck to the original vision expressed in this video in 2016. 

The first behind the scenes video, shot soon after production began. 

Several months into production and you can see and hear the quality improvements as I invested the go-fund-me donations into new higher quality equipment. 

This is the first trailer for the film, produced in 2017 after production was well underway. 

In the summer of 2017, I gathered a bunch of drummers and dancers and filled up a tower with drums. We had multiple cameras and a drone cam flying around. It was a blast and is a favorite section of the film for many viewers. 

An update with footage from my travels to the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild Conference in South Carolina and some sad news about one of my drummer friends who is featured in the film. 

Exciting update soon after returning from Senegal, West Africa with Massamba Diop and Tony Vacca. How could I possibly make a film about drumming and not feature their amazing rhythm culture. 

Randy Brody was one my mentors and best friends and is prominently featured in the film. His rhythm, wit, knowledge and spirit shined, even though he was suffering through challenging health issues that eventually took his life. 

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