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Rhythms of Life

A Musical Documentary Experience

DVD and video on demand now available! 

Rhythms of Life - Trailer
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Please check out and share this trailer and web site to help us build interest!  


What's your favorite documentary about drumming? Think about it... there were none until now! Rhythms of Life explores the questions, how does drumming make you feel and how does rhythm affect us. The film features inspiration from internationally recognized drum circle leaders, music therapists, professional musicians and lots of people who love to drum. With an emphasis on the wellness aspects of music, there are drummers talking about their healing journeys, playing with cancer, Parkinson's, depression and other challenges. The aesthetic is unique -  a musically fueled documentary with lots of high energy drumming and inspiration from those who practice in a wide variety of ways. It will appeal to those who love to drum and those who are curious about the community music making movement that is sweeping the planet. Shot over the course of three years throughout the US and Senegal, West Africa, this film experience will make you want to grab a drum and play! 


~ Craig Norton (Producer/Director/Camera/Editor/Rhythm Care Giver) spent 11 years as an Associate Director and Network Coordinator at ESPN and has been a freelance Director/Videographer/Editor for 15 years. He left ESPN to pursue his passion for hand drumming and has been a professional drum circle facilitator for over 20 years. This film is the resulting dream come true to combine his passions for filmmaking and music. 

~ Horace Williams (Editor/Audio Post/Color Grading) operates a music and video production studio that is completely off the grid in the wilds of New Brunswick, Canada. As a musician with decades of experience in video editing, he intimately understands the rhythm of video editing and shares a passion for the project with Craig. 

~ John Fitzgerald (Producer) was brought on early in the pre-production planning as the master connector. As Manager of Recreational Music Activities for Remo Drums and a world travelling facilitator, he knows EVERYONE who has ever made an impact on the community music making community. 

~ Other folks prominently featured in the film are Arthur Hull of Village Music Circles who has taught over 25,000 people to lead drum circles. Christine Stevens is a world renowned music therapist and developed the HealthRhythms protocol. Massamba Diop has been playing talking drum since he was a little boy and has played with Baba Maal for over 30 years. He is the lead musician for the Black Panther soundtrack and was Craig's host in Senegal, West Africa. 


Using a grassroots distribution network, (that would be you), we are offering the opportunity to screen this film in your community. The idea is to show the film, then do a drum circle or drumming demo to give the audience an opportunity to experience what they just witnessed in the film. It's perfect for conferences, schools, universities and community events. Please click on the Contact page and reach out to us. We'll set you up with promotional materials and DVDs to sell and perhaps arrange a Directors Talk with Craig Norton. 

The film is available streaming and DVD. Visit the Purchase page for details. 


We are truly grateful to all those who chipped in to our GoFundMe campaign to help bring this project to the world. Every Drum Circle Facilitator, Music Therapist/educator will benefit from seeing and sharing this film!  

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"Craig Norton’s inspiring documentary is an educational view of the amazing array of uses of group rhythm based events in our modern society today. This film shows you the application of rhythm care programs led by professionals who are facilitating human potential through rhythm. Rhythms of Life will not only educate and entertain the general public, it will also inspire anyone who is already on the path to becoming a professional drum circle facilitator." 

Arthur Hull, Head Elf, Village Music Circles

“My personal experience taught me how deeply and profoundly rhythm can touch our souls. Watching this beautiful film took me back to that personal journey and stirred me in a deep place. It made me realize that I now possess a gift to share with others who may be just stepping onto the first stone of this path. Thank you for capturing the essence of the healing power of the drum in such a human and accessible way and for illustrating how connected we all are.”

Rima Luna, Community Outreach Director, Asheville Rhythm

"This film is such a great tool for showing others the powers of this craft. It made me fall in love with drum circles all over again. It's well made, thoughtful and  powerful. Thank you for this gift."

Grace Smith, Dancer/Drummer

South Carolina

Craig captures the essence and relevance of ancient practices of drumming to heal, celebrate and transform.  This film brings into your living room the tantamount work involved (hows and whys) in healing and transforming culture NOW!

Jimbo Talbot

DrumQuest Sound Healing Studio

What are the rhythms of life, and why is rhythm & drumming, so compelling that it has been central to the way we organize work and life? Rhythms of Life explores this question and the many ways drumming is being used and experienced in contemporary culture, and does so with both great heart and mind.

John Fitzgerald, Recreational Music Manager, Remo Drums


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